Waiting for godot

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Sixth week of the Corona home office and the days go by with the same routine every day. I am trying to keep motivated by cleaning up the flat, getting things done that I always shifted to near future and grooming move boxes that I put to the attic when we moved in years ago.

Of course I was rediscovering Astronomy equipment – I packed it up at my old house where I had built a small robotic obs in the garden as the new flat did not offer the space required. When we then moved here after a few years I had the space but lacked the time … and yes was also challenged by old memories but that is another story.

Of course all was taken to my office, disassembled, updated, repaired, tested …. some of it was broken, some aged and the technical standards changed fundamentially. Dong this sparked a hidden fire … I forgot how much I liked this hobby and how relaxed and happy I was doing it.

After days of trying to get it all setup and realizing that there were now essential gaps there were two ways out. Packing it all up or investing in a solid modern kit. As it is a significant spend I needed a few days to think it over but then the decision was clear – I am back to Astronomy.

This was the revival of Lichtalfheim after almost 12 years … I think from being a fast mover and on the road every free minute I now have reached a point where I again need some time for discovery, self reflection and the universe. Lets see where we go from here in the coming weeks.

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