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„There is one place there that is called Álfheimr. People live there that are named the light elves (Ljósálfar)

Edda, vers 17

My little observatory was called after the home of the light elves in the Nordic mythology – hoping they will help me to capture photons and discovering the universe. It was a nice place in the garden next to my house.

As times changed I had to move on and after years I am now at another very nice place with a large balcony overseeing the plains next to river Reuss with clear skies East, South and West.

Great view to the south – even at daylight

Soon the light elves were back and now are helping to catch photons again.

A balcony has different challenges than the little sky shed from the past but with technology evolving a lot has become simpler, more lightweight and still allows enough integration time.

Enjoy sunset and dusk on the small hill towards east

Allthough it is just some 30 kilometers from Zurich the light pollution is limited once the road lights are off and I have a number of pretty good nights (Bortle class 3-4) – usually the seeing in this area is between 0.8 and 1.5 arc sec, not sure yet how much is added by the balcony and building structure.

Couldn’t wait and shot the moon with my mobile through the spotting scope

For visual stargazing I own a 10″ Dobson which I take to sky parties or when capture some photons with my mobile kit – there are quite a number of events around the year and some really dark areas in the closer range (Raten, Gurnigel, Lukmanier, Napf) or the little hill behind the house …

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